Plastic Bumper Double Shaft Shredder

Feb 01, 2018

XRD-800 double shaft shredder for waste plastic bumpers

this plastic shredder is used for shredding the waste plastic bumpers.

motor power are 18.5kw+18.5kw.

it has D420 blades for working.

capacity is 600-800kg/h.

Since last May, this double shaft shredder are installed for working in the factory of a Argentina customer.

In the last 9 month, the performance is very good,for example, steady running, higher efficiency and stronge sturcture. etc.

If any enquiry about the plastic shredder on double shaft shredder, single shaft shredder, double roller shaft for woven bags, shredding and crushing machine, etc, Please feel free to contact with us.

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