Hot sale plastic water bottle crusher machine for waste PET bottles

The plastic water bottle crusher machine is used to crush the waste PET plastic water bottles for recycling, for example, mineral water bottles, juice bottles and cola bottles, and It can be used for processing oil bottles, shampoo bottles, milk bottles, detergent bottles, etc. By the heavy duty crusher, the plastic water bottle are processed into flakes with indicated sizes for deep processing such as washing and pelletizing. 

The plastic water bottle crusher machine is manufactured with Germany technology, It has heavy structure and good performance for steady working and long life. It usually consists of feeding hopper, crushing chamber with stationary blades, rotor with rotary blades, drive motor, machanical units for openning hopper and screen change, safty switches and machine frame.

Product Description

Plastic water bottle crusher machine is a key machine in the waste bottle crushing washing drying recycling industry, It must have excellent performance to ensure the high working efficiency.

Machine feature 

MG Plastic water bottle crusher machine has the following characters:

1, the main rotor must pass the dynamic balance testing,

2, straight rotary and fixed knives, two sets of rotary knive holders (totally 10pcs) are staggered on the rotor.

3, main bearings are installed on outside frame for easy maintenance, and it can't be effected by material powder.

4, opening the top cover and changing the sieve electrically, Labor saving, fast and safe.

5, with current over-load protection for motor,

6, with safety limit switch, if the top cover is not closed 100%, it can‘t be started.

7, strong structure: A3 steel board with more thickness for the body and legs,  less vibration.

8, water spray device can be chosen to install on the top inside, it can wash the materials, cool the rotor and reduce the dust.

9, screw conveyor or belt conveyor can be install at the bottom, for stable discharging. 

Machine Models

Models of Plastic water bottle crusher machine in MG PLAS:

Working video of plastic water bottle crusher machine:

Please leave the details of your waste plastic water bottles, and capacity request.

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