Water-Ring Plastic Granulator

Water-ring plastic granulator is equipped with water-ring pellet cutter, it is designed for recycling the waste plastic materials into granules, for example, PE/PP films, scraps and flakes, etc.

Currently, we can supply the water-ring plastic granulators with capacity from 100-500kg/h, the main extruders includes SJ75, SJ90, SJ100, SJ120, SJ150, SJ160 and SJ175.

Based on the different material properties and shapes, MG Plas will provide the suitable proposal separately.

Product Description


Note: For the higher quality granules, the waste plastic must be clean, therefore, some waste plastic such as dirty PE/PP film, flakes of bottles and barrels must be washed by the specially washing line.

Machine feature

1, High working efficiency, energy saving. 

2, Different pelletizing designs, for example, water-ring cutting, strand cutting, and underwater cutting.

3, Automatic screen changer ensure the operation safety. 

4, Multi-exhausting and filtering designs ensure the high quality of pellets.

5, Whole solution for fume treatment.

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